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Auto Salvage

If you need Auto salvage Nashville TN, then you need Stafford’s Towing Service.  We are a multifaceted business.  We are involved in a range of services from towing and wrecker services to auto salvage. We can help you with:

  • Auto Salvage Nashville TN
  • Towing Nashville
  • Wrecker Service Nashville
  • Roadside Assistance Nashville

We are a full service towing and auto salvage company. If you have a junk car you are looking to offload, or if you have totaled your vehicle and you’re looking to get cash for it, we are the guys to turn to. We are fair market value for your car. The prices we offer are the best in Nashville, guaranteed. If your vehicle is disabled we can come pick it up, at no additional cost to you. For the finest auto salvage in Nashville, give us a call today!

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Stafford’s Towing in Nashville TN is here to help you out of a jam. If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road you need a reliable towing company that can tow your vehicle for a reasonable cost. We are a full service towing and wrecker company that can guarantee fast and affordable service. We can help with any type of car trouble, including:

  • flat tires
  • accidents
  • disabled vehicle
  • and more!

Other towing companies may take advantage of you and raise their prices to capitalize on your misfortune. At Stafford’s Towing Service we care about the people we serve, and we also put the client first. We charge the same rates for every job, because we believe in fairness.

Whether you need an emergency tow, basic roadside assistance or if you are looking to scrap a junk car in the Nashville, TN area, Stafford’s Towing Service is the most reliable and affordable towing service in Nashville, guaranteed!

Wrecker Service Nashville TN

Stafford’s Towing Service offers the finest wrecker service in all of Nashville, TN. We are an experienced towing and wrecker company that has served the Nashville area for decades. We have the equipment and the staff available to handle any towing  job, big or small. If you have a massive big rig that just won’t budge, we can help. If you’ve been in an accident and need a tow, we can help. If you totaled your car and are looking to sell it, we will buy it, and pick it up at no cost to you.

Many of our competitors are one trick ponies. They can help with the most basic of towing jobs, but for the big jobs, or the tough jobs they can’t be bothered. That is where we shine. We can tow any vehicle of any size, we can help you with the simplest of roadside assistance issues, and we can even help you offload your junk car for cash.

For all of your roadside assistance and towing needs throughout Nashville and the surrounding area, pick up the phone and call Stafford’s Towing Service at (615) 444-2270.


Junk Car Removal

For junk car removal in Nashville TN call Stafford’s Towing Service today.  We will not only have your junk car removed from your place for free, but you will be paid as well.  Rather than letting your junk car rust in the garage or yard, call Stafford’s Towing Service today and cash out of your junk car.

Often times people think that a car totaled in an accident is useless and of no value. The truth is that companies such as ours will pay a fair price for your wrecked or disabled vehicle. The amount you can get by selling us your junk car varies based on the year, make and model, and often times the weight of the vehicle. In many cases, the older a car is the more you can get by scrapping it. For more information on how much you can get for a junk car in Nashville, TN call us today for a quote.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your junk car into cash, call Stafford’s Towing today and let us buy that salvage vehicle for cash.


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